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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Paris Hilton's Panties Sell Yellow Pages on German TV

The latest to come from Paris Hilton is a German ad campaign for GoYellow, an online yellow page service in Germany. What does Paris Hilton wearing yellow panties have to do with online yellow pages you ask? Nothing. Does having Paris Hilton involved in anything really make sense on any level, other than the sex sells angle? The steamy Carl's Jr. ad was the last Hilton ad exploit. No doubt there will be more. And then there was the Paris Hilton boob flash on European TV. Now in a German tv ad Paris is seen frolicing on a bed wearing yellow panties and eating an apple while complaining about the fit or her underwear before answering the door and giving a delivery man a eye full of the Paris Hilton 'assets'. And in typical Paris fashion her performance at the press conference for the ad roll out was idiotic as ever.


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